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The residence has some communal used rooms. First the floor kitchens have to be mentioned. There the roommates meet in order to cook, eat, talk and have some parties. In the kitchen everybody has their own compartments in the closets and refrigerators. Two electric ranges (one with baking oven), two kitchen sinks, one communal used refrigerator and a lot of closets are are included in the inventory.

Additionally, differing from floor to floor, the kitchens include upright freezers and micro waves, coffee makers and toasters. The roommates are accountable for the cleanliness of the kitchen. Therefore every week one of the occupants has to clean the kitchen and once a semester the roommates meet in order to clean the kitchen together (and have a party...).
Leaving the floors and have a look at the cellar. Most important there is the laundry room, where every occupant can wash clothes in the washing machines.
TV room

Table tennis
Likewise in the cellar is a room for playing table tennis and, if you do not have a television, rooms for watching TV. These rooms can be used by every occupant and are very popular.
But the highlight is the party room. Every Wednesday the party team organises drinks and good music. That is the best opportunity to meet or get to know other occupants and have a talk to them. Also current videos or great sport events are shown there frequently on the big TV. I don't know if I should talk about the private parties...

Party room

Court yard
In the court yard of the residence There is the option to rent one of the parking spaces. And the sporty or environmentally aware occupants can use the subterranean garage to park their bicycles for free.

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